Cross-Cultural Management Textbook

Cross-Cultural Management Textbook

By Jerome Dumetz, Fons Trompenaars, Charles Hampden-Turner, Stephen M.R. Covey, Craig Storti, Peter Woolliams, Joerg Schmitz, Olga Saginova, Meredith Belbin, Dean Foster & Edgar H. Schein

  • Release Date : 2012-11-12
  • Genre : Management et direction
  • FIle Size : 32.76 MB
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Description :
Cross-Cultural Management Textbook is a practical course-book that synthesizes in a practical way contemporary cross-cultural communication and management knowledge for students and professionals. 

It is the team work from twelve well-respected world authorities who represent a variety of countries and cultures. Designed to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to comprehend the influence of culture in management and communication, it helps them develop the behaviors and skills necessary to rapidly adapt to a world where cultures mix as never before. 

Each contributor is a published author on topics constituting the field of cross-cultural management today. With the active support of several European universities, this comprehensive 12-chapter textbook includes up-to-date theories illustrated by real life examples, case studies and workshops, all regrouped as an easy-to-use manual.  

The contributions of the international practitioners and professors in this field provide expert knowledge. This extensive authoritative textbook is the missing link between various writings of renowned academics and specialists and the pragmatic approach of real world of practitioners who are confronted daily with intercultural situations. 

Thanks to content from numerous nations and cultures, the book encourages the reader to think outside of the box, and expand his or her considerations beyond their present boundaries. Cross-Cultural Management Textbook is primarily intended for students and instructors, in particular, instructors looking for an outline for their management courses. Professionals, consultants, managers, and trainers whose daily work involves international and cross-cultural challenges will benefit from this text as well.